Day jobs

I’m just finished a patch of busy-ness in my day job and now feel free to get my head back into my writing. Day jobs, eh? Ten years ago I made a promise to myself that I would be making money from my writing within the next five years. It happened: a had a job teaching writing, so I reckoned that counted, and a contract for 6 co-authored books. But you have to be careful what you promise to yourself. The teaching job was great, but it takes lots of energy and time to continually edit the work of others – and, let’s face it, the pay per amount of time isn’t spectacular. My own writing still seemed to take place when everything else was done – in that empty time between finishing the domestic scene and sleep. So three years later I gave teaching up and got myself a better paying day job – one not related to writing – and continue to write in the evenings. Like thousands of other writers who have day jobs and  families, that’s about all I can do at the moment. Hey, I’m not complaining: we’re talking reality here. You just have to make every minute free count!  

Anyway, had a request from a publishing house for the whole of one of my manuscripts (after sending them the first three chapters as their website guidelines requested) so feeling pretty good about that.

1 thought on “Day jobs

  1. Oh for more of those minutes in a day!

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