Little tiny computers

The search is on. In an attempt to steal more minutes from the day – like when you’re waiting to pick up children from work or play, or waiting for your coffee, or waiting at the train station – I’m searching for a tiny little computer to have in my handbag AT ALL TIMES. Don’t be stupid, I hear you say, just use a pen and paper. But why not have a PC in my bag so that I can pull it and a USB stick out and get on with whatever I’m writing? Life’s too short to transfer hand written stuff into the computer and, besides, my hand writing is so terrible these days I can barely read it let alone put up with the cramps that go with it.

I think I’ve boiled it down to two choices: the plastic but cheap Acer Aspire One or the metallic and more expensive HP Mini 2140. My main criteria is that it has to be small (the keyboard size is not a problem with my barely-stretch-an-octave fingers) and it has to be light. I don’t need internet connection – I just want word processing. Has anyone had experience with either of these two before I do my money?

2 thoughts on “Little tiny computers

  1. My friends doing computer science at anu recommends the acer over the HP.
    If that helps at all.

  2. Acer seems to be the go…

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