Reading not writing

Well, I haven’t been doing a lot of my own writing lately but I sure have been writing. It’s been so busy at work blah blah that I’ve reduced my energy levels to almost zero in the evening. So I read.

The other secret reason that I haven’t been writing is that reading Suzanne Collin’s The Hunger Games  and Catching Fire paralysed my writing. That’s pretty unusual for me – it could be because I’m writing in a similar genre at the moment and I was sort of deconstructing her books and my book in my head as I read. But besides that rhubarb, I think these books are captivating. Original, dramatic, strong. My only criticism is that I don’t get a good perception of the lead males Gale and Peeta. OK, Peeta’s character becomes more powerful over the course of the second book but my image of Gale is flimsy. I’d like the romantic-interest blokes to be more third dimensional. Anyway. So many other elements are strong, it almost doensn’t matter.

Those books finished, I can get back to writing. I’m reading the long-anticipated Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. It’s for a younger audience than Hunger Games. It’s a shame that I began it the day after I finished Catching Fire because I was in the mood for more Games. I’ve gotta say that I love Scott’s Darwinistic beasties – it’s sort of a sick and creepy notion that beasts are created for work and war but when I get over that, I glimpse geniusness.

2 thoughts on “Reading not writing

  1. the darwinistic beasties are totally win!
    beat the living daylights out of any clanker machine any day!
    is it a good read?

  2. It’s very clever…worth a read. And the pictures are pure steampunk!

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