Other people’s blogs

I write pretty boring blog posts. Sorry. But it’s okay, other people don’t. Through Google Reader, I have about 20 blogs that I follow. Reader lets me know when there’s a new post from any of them: how brilliant is that? So I don’t have to search websites every time.

So what blogs do I follow? to keep in touch with the world of YA writing, I read Justine Larbalestier . To follow some really whimsical writing, I read Jaclyn Moriaty. To keep up with what’s happening in the Australian world of children’s writing, I read the SCBWI webpage and Susanne Gervay. To see what other writers are saying around the world, I keep an eye on Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, Ursula Le Guin and Scott Westerfeld.

There are others but they talk on different topics. Mind you, I’ve spent the morning talking to a man about microscopes – that was a very different topic! It’s good to know lots of stuff. It might come in handy for your writing.

Do you recommend anyone else’s writing blog?

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