Back down and up again (swallow those ginger tablets)

Maybe I shouldn’t be doing so much reading on writers who have bi-polar disorder (blame the PhD) but I’m beginning to think that writing is a cause. From the excitement of a phone call to the disappointment of a rejection email, the ups and downs of the writing life are pretty rough. (Did I ever tell you that I get severe motion sickness? Chewing ginger is meant to help. Believe me, it doesn’t.) Well, you don’t persevere in this game without developing a large element of critical reflection to go with your thick skin and crusty ego! So I’m back to the re-writing stage of both manuscripts that ‘nearly made it’ and no doubt they’ll turn out better than they were because editing is always a good thing.

But this leads me to a pensive moment. How quick is too quick? I’m a quick, fidgety, impulsive person and I quite like being that that. Impatient – sometimes. Irritable – not often. Reflective – yeah, I can do that too. If someone gives me a task, though, I get on and do it. If I don’t it probably means I can’t and that’s a problem. If someone wants me to write a synopsis for a new book, I do, but this doesn’t mean that I can’t alter the plot or grapple with new ideas. Synopses are frameworks only. First drafts of novels are frameworks. I use my physio analogy: frameworks are skeletons but it takes a whole lot of other things to get a body moving. Bones need connective tissue to bind them and muscles to activate them. Then there’s the fascia to hold it all in and skin for protection. Bones are a good start but there’s a lot of fleshing out to be done (get it? Flesh?). So quick as I might be, I’m flexible with it.

Another birthday next week. What will the next year bring?

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