What I learn

So I say to O and M last night, ‘I was watching this telly show on Barok-‘  In unison, they said, ‘It’s Baroque, Mum.’ I lost thread of what I was going to say to them and instead I thought, how come they know that? Well, it’s not hard to guess – their education is way better than mine had been. At high school, I muddled along with maths and science and came out able to solve problems but they think and they seem to know.  I don’t think I learnt to think at high school, just solve equations.

‘Mum,’ says O the other night. ‘What does it mean by ‘aesthetic qualities’ ?’ This a question from a 16 year old about a text from Sophocles. Pleased that I knew what ‘aesthetic qualities’ meant (having learned this only a few years ago), I tried to explain. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said. ‘The teacher has a better way of explaining things than you.’ (Of course he does!) What I said to O was that he knows what aesthetic qualities are because he seems to express them all the time, especially in response to music, but he’d stopped listening.

My kids are my educational resources. I love them for it.

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