The days gone west

Days 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11… Somewhere in this time I have added a few more words to the WIP. Not having the word count right next to me, I could hazard a guess at about 200. Hmmm. Not exactly steaming along. But as one of my friends said to me, they shouldn’t be holding NaNoWriMo at this time of the year. He meant because the beautiful weather is here and the grass needs mowing and the vegies need planting and you just want to be outside. But I mean that it’s exam time around here – for my kids and the students at where I work. Stress + busy = very little word output. I’m falling into bed at night in that sort of overtired stupor that means I can only read for three minutes before my eyes slam shut. 

The good news of this month? Lorraine Marwood won the Prime Minister’s Literary Award for Starjumps! Incredibly good news for this wonderful poet and person. Lorraine came to our monthly Children’s Book Chat group with her certificate and silver pen and we very carefully passed them around. She had no idea that she had won, and was waiting with the other seven short listed authors for the announcement. Andy Griffiths kissed. Lorrain kissed Julia Guillard. All’s fair in love and writing. If you haven’t read Starjumps, it’s about a family living on a dairy farm and the things that make their lives what they are. The poems stayed with me in a similar way to those written by Phillip Hodgins, another local poet and – not coincidentally – raised on a dairy farm. Congratulations, Lorraine. No one deserves this better.

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