There’s that summer feeling

Maybe it’s the warmth or probably more the longer days as it really hasn’t hotted up yet, or maybe it’s the vast amount of mince pies and chocolates that I’ve already consumed, but those summer holidays are beckoning very sharply. Yesterday I sent off the WIP to my supervisor: that is, I pushed the baby into the real world. No more hiding in my computer, it’s gone public. Always a scary feeling because the only thing that remains in your head after you’ve sent something out is what if it’s crap? Forget that I’ve spent months on it and that it is not a final draft and that everything in it can be changed. I wonder if established authors ever stop thinking that their work may be terrible?

Here’s some great news: Jess Anastasi has had her first novel accepted! Jess was in my TAFE class many years ago and if anyone deserved publication, it would be Jess. She is a professional writer – always working, determined, knows her industry. Her novel Sanctuary is a paranormal romance, the genre Jess has been writing ever since I’ve known her. And there’s another due out in January. Go, Jess! The world will see more of her writing.

In other news, Ruth Park died last night. I loved her autobiographies and of course I grew up with Playing Beattie Bow. Remember the Muddle-headed wombat?

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