time out in Italy

Holidays, and a trip to Italy with M. I should realize this by now but the main purpose of holidays is to stop the day to day scrabble of time and give you room to think. It was after a holiday in Queensland that I decided to do my Masters. And one in New Zealand that gave me the space to think about changing jobs. Now, here in Florence (but it could be anywhere – Melbourne or Sydney – as long as it breaks your momentum forward)I think about all the writing I’m going to do when I get home and how I’m going to plan the time and head space. From here, half a planet away from home, it seems very likely.

the bookshops here are marvelous. I love reading titles of books I know in Italian. We bought the Latin version of HP and the Philosopher’s Stone. and Wicked. And Olivia in Venice. Gotta stop buying books! We still have a long way to lug the luggage.

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