Thrill seekers and the lack of guts

Here’s my friend Justin in his brother’s stunt plane careering over New Zealand like a professional aviator. Isn’t it amazing? Don’t you want to do it? Well, I do, except that my stomach just wouldn’t cope.

I’ve always been prone to motion sickness (just ask my son about the Great Canberra and Big Mac adventure of 2007) but it’s getting worse with age (see previous blog post). I can’t even go on a swing. I swallow a regime of tablets to get me through the air (I’ve been on 17 planes this year so far). It’s not fair, mainly because when faced with an exciting adventure like Justin’s loop the loops, I have to say No Thanks. People, believe me, it’s not because i’m scared! It’s because I will feel ill and then throw up! Really! There’s a big difference. I’m not scared to go on that Big Zipper/aeroplane/massive ride at the show (well, except if it’s high up – I dont really like heights but I do love hot air balloons – go figure) it’s just that my body lets me down. Only those who suffer this mad affliction will understand. Everyone else thinks I’m chicken.

Go for it, Justin. I’m watching with envy.

2 thoughts on “Thrill seekers and the lack of guts

  1. It’s not your stomach, it’s all about being in control. Really! I can’t even sit in a cinema watching handheld camera work without feeling crook, but I did manage to get an aerobatic endorsement a long time ago. I’ll tell you the story some time. (Go Justin!)

  2. Ohhh … I wanna go 😦

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