Building up that momentum

It is hard to stay motivated when publication eludes you but I must be in a ‘good frame of mind’. First, I am re-writing my dystopian novel. Again. It’s pretty horrible, both in its writing and its subject matter, but at this point it doesn’t matter because I am re-working it. See? Re-working indicates that it can be as horrible as it wants at the moment because it ain’t gonna stay that way. I’ve been listening to Patrick Ness on podcast through the Sydney Writers’ Centre. Or was it the Garth Nix podcast? Any hoo, one of them says that if you write for a few hours a week and perhaps more on the weekend, by the end of the year you’ll have a novel. Or, at least, a bunch of words (that’s my insert, not theirs). This means that you go back to writing and writing and assess the effect at the end of it all. Onwards I go with my dystopia and I’ll set what happens to it later.

Mind you, as I was momenting myself with regular writing, I did receive an acceptance of a chapter book from an educational publisher who has been very good to me. Details at a later stage as they have yet to sort out their new series. I’m very happy as it’s a story I really like. I remember where I wrote it (Warrnambool) and so the smell of the air and the sting of the cold as I did it. Most things I write are from behind my desk but I can nearly always invoke the time of day or the season or the general weather conditions. Maybe I’m more aware of things when I’m writing? I am not known for my general observation skills (as well my family knows).

So. Rock on.

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