The Sand Boy

Not quite hot off the press because it was published in February, but here is my latest book from Blake Education, The Sand Boy. I’ve always liked this story of a young boy taking a beach holiday in winter because his dad is recovering from a work injury. I wrote it years ago, in Warrnambool, in winter, on the beach while wrapped up in beach towels. I was working in work rehab at the time so you can clearly see the influences of life on fiction. I’ve never met a ghost but there are parts of that coastline where I think they live, especially those poor people who were shipwrecked. So I’m glad this story finally got an outing: it feels very satisfying!
The Sand Boy

2 thoughts on “The Sand Boy

  1. Hi there,

    I wonder if you recently made a presentation at a medical education conference? Teaching Lit in Health Professional Education in Melbourne (June 2013). If so, we chatted afterwards briefly. I wanted to see what you thought of that Jackson Browne song, For a dancer.

    Take care,


    1. Hi Tony, that was me! I looked up Jackson Browne and realised that I recognised the song. Another one to add to our list of narratives suitable for teaching. This is my website of my real passion, writing. Hope you enjoy it.

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