Tea with Gail

Tea infuser
Tea infuser

I’ve been quite taken with Gail Carriger. I had read her unlikely plots about combining steampunk, werewolves, vampires and high fashion and believed it impossible. Not so! I am hooked. Having read Heartless (no. 4 of the Parasol Protectorate, completely out of order) because it was the only one I could find and that was in an obscure bookshop under a building somewhere in Melbourne, I’ve had to buy the set so that I can go back and work out why Alexia is Soulless to start with. These books have also started me thinking about tea. Tea features a lot – it is the tincture of Victorian times, even taken with vampires. I know some people who are tea-specific, but I can take it or leave it, especially leaving it if there is too much milk. I have always loved teapots, though. And jugs. When I get a proper kitchen, I will start collecting both unashamedly.

Recently, number one son gave me this unusual tea infuser and I’ve started drinking tea again. I had plenty of the leaf stuff, given to me by a Sri Lankan friend from his own tea plantation, and so there was no excuse. Here is my work cup, sitting on the kitchen bench at work, with tea infuser in situ. I have had some rude comments about what the manatea is doing to my tea but I think he is lovely. Isn’t it always lovely when you get a spontaneous present?


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