Take 3? NaNoWriMo

I hadn’t wanted to confess this before but today is the 7th November and so far, so good. I’m having another go at National Novel Writing Month. I’m not doing this strictly by the rules, as conditions state that you really should be starting a new novel from scratch. This is one I’d begun to prepare earlier and had already written 13003 words. However – and this is slightly amazing and something I shouldn’t confess because I’ll probably put the mozz on it – I’ve added another 10660 words so far this month. Hear me when I say this – words, not necessarily quality. To make this happen, however, I’ve had to implement some unhabitual writerly habits: I don’t read what I’ve just written. I don’t go back and fix up all those things I know that are wrong now the plot is developing. I haven’t named all my characters and I don’t stop and try to think of a name either, they just become xxx. Some of my characters have changed their names along the way – too bad. I am not writing chronologically. I am writing in sections, not chapters. I can do 1600 in 1 1/2 hours.

The outcome, though, of sitting wherever I find myself (the kitchen, the dining room table, the bed, the couch) is that my shoulders and neck are pretty stiff. That’s a naughty confession of mine, seeing that I was once considered a professional in Work Safety Matters. It’s because I grab my little Netbook (which I ruly truly love) and take it in one hand, tea in the other, and sit where I can. I need to change this habit because otherwise I’ll not get to the end of November at all.

NaNoWriMo sends you lots of encouraging emails. I had one today from My Novel. It told me not to fall for Week Two blues. This is just what I needed because I have run out of obvious plot and will have to dig deeper to produce more words. Wish me luck and little interference in this venture!

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