Faster than Lighting cover    Faster than Lightning (co-authored with Michael Panckridge)

HarperCollins 2006

The first of the ‘Clued Up 6’ series – a fast-paced mystery adventure for readers from ten years. Six friends uncover a horse racing scheme that involves the cloning of a famous racehorse. This is Angus’s story.

In the Deep EndIn the Deep End (co-authored with Michael Panckridge)

HarperCollins 2007

The second ‘Clued Up 6’. Swimming competitions and brainiac quizzes: who’s the real winner? The friends discover that their new principal is not really of man of great principles. This is Gabby’s story.

Ghost of a ChanceGhost of a Chance (co-authored with Michael Panckridge)

HarperCollins 2007

The third Clued Up 6. Something strange is happening in the holiday town at the beach. Who’s in the lighthouse and just what is Ling really seeing? This is Ling’s story.

Chequered FlagTaking the Chequered Flag (co-authored with Michael Panckridge)

HarperCollins 2008

The fourth Clued Up 6. The De Lugio brothers are keen motocross competitors. But the competition doesn’t seem straight-forward. Who’s really taking the chequered flag first? This is E.D.’s story.


COV_IntoTheFire.indd Into the Fire (co-authored with Michael Panckridge)

HarperCollins 2008

The fifth Clued Up 6. Bushfires surround the friends’ home town of Teasdale. Amidst the chaos, there’s a robbery and a runaway horse. Time is running out to solve one and rescue the other. This is Hannah’s story.

COV_OutOfTheBlue.indd Out of the Blue (co-authored with Michael Panckridge)

HarperCollins April 2009

The final Clued Up 6. What’s going on in Teasdale? Mysterious night lights, talks of alien abduction and the strange appearance of a high-tech caravan hidden in the bush. What are the people from UFOSITE looking for? This is Sean’s story.


Chapter Books:

Boss Cocky  Macmillan Education  1993

Coil  Macmillan Education  1996

Muscles Galore  Macmillan Education 1996

Blue’s Ride  Macmillan Education 1997

The Illawarry Cassary  Blake Education  2000

Chocolate Chuckles  Blake Education  2000

Climbing Mount Sugarbin  (Aussie Bite)  Penguin  2003

Grandpa’s Gift Blake Education 2010

The Sand Boy Blake Education 2013

The Sand Boy

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